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Democrats hope to rally backing for a similar Senate resolution that could come to a vote early next week.

From the border wall to impeachment to Iran, we haven’t seen the line yet.

The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill with a filibuster-proof majority in 2013. Warren was among the 68 senators who voted yes.

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Where to begin with this?

Congressional Democrats have floated various rationales over the past three weeks for not submitting the impeachment articles to the Senate.

“I’ll send them over when I’m ready. And that will probably be soon,” the House speaker said as she answered questions on her continuing impasse with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The clash between the legislative and executive branches on military intervention abroad has only deepened since 9/11, but the debate under President Trump has taken on a fresh intensity.

The polling and donation qualification thresholds were raised for the seventh Democratic debate.

Trump supporters said they saw the president’s provocative moves and rhetoric toward Iran as an effort to keep the peace by showing strength, rather than as escalating move toward war.

The next debate is scheduled for Jan. 14 in Des Moines, with three more to follow in February.

Steyer hit 12 percent in the network’s poll of Nevada and 15 percent in South Carolina, qualifying for the debate.

The House speaker bristled at repeated questions about her plans: “We need to see the arena to which we are sending our managers. Is that too much to ask?”

The president and his rivals traded social media insults, seeking to one-up each other with clever rejoinders in the virtual world amid bloody consequences in the real one.

The Democrat from Virginia has the support of two GOP senators in the wake of Iranian escalation.

In this edition: What veterans of the shuttered presidential campaigns think of the race now, why a new Senate candidate in Kentucky says he can run left to win, and why this Iran fight doesn’t sound like previous foreign policy disputes.

The Illinois senator rebuked Republican Rep. Doug Collins for his baseless assertion that Democrats mourn the death of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani in a U.S. airstrike.

Mitch McConnell has unified Senate Republicans behind the setup used in the Bill Clinton trial and noted that those rules passed unanimously 21 years ago — except there’s one very important difference today.

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While rolling back environmental protections he declared himself to be an environmentalist.

The running joke about Iowa ahead of the state’s first-in-the-nation caucuses is that you often can’t walk a few feet without bumping into a presidential candidate.

The senator from Vermont introduced legislation Thursday blocking the president from using funds for military action against Iran. The move comes as U.S.-Iran tensions alter the trajectory of the Democratic presidential race.

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