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How to Add your YouTube Channel ?

Create A New Post with your channel name in Title,

In Description, Add YouTube Wizard block by + sign, type youtube- you will see two youtube icon-select star one- tap open Wizard- paste your video or channel url- follow screen ! you should add your channel as Playlist first not as Gallery. You may add as Gallery as optional as while youtube API error occur Gallery not shown but Playlist is always shown.

*for Youtube API issue some times Wizard may not be able to embed Channel/ Playlist/Gallery. If Such happens, add few Playlist and Your Channel’s featured video just copy/paste your playlist or video url into your post editor needless to use the Wizard.

Create New Category and/or Tag with your channel name.

Select Category/Tag: My Channel

Publish . Done !

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*You may Add both Channel and/or Content(your channel’s individual video) at MyTube.

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