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The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

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08.07.2020 10:00 AM

As a console, the Nintendo Switch is tough to beat. It’s super cute, super portable, and it pulls double duty as a home console. As much as I love the PS4 and Xbox One, they’re not exactly portable. Because the Switch is both a mobile and home console, you might want to check out some accessories that can let you play longer, download more games, and practice your swordplay in Link’s Awakening. A few of these are suitable for the Switch Lite as well, the Switch’s mobile-only sibling that cannot dock to a TV.

If you’re still shopping for a Switch, check out our roundups of the best Switch bundle deals, best Switch games, and surprising Switch tips for more Nintendo action.

Updated July 2020: We’ve adjusted pricing and added the Bionik Power Commuter bag.

  • tempered glass screen protector

    Photograph: Amazon

    For More Protection

    AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    This is must-have item number one. Chances are extremely high you’re going to tote your Switch with you on a trip at some point. When you do, its screen will scratch, and you’ll hate yourself a little every time you see the blemish during gameplay. We’ve used this screen protector, and it doesn’t bubble. It will also protect your screen from the Switch TV Dock, which has scratched some Switch owners’ displays.

    This screen has protected my (Jeffrey’s) Switch for three years now, and it’s still holding up great.

    $8 at Amazon

    $10 at Walmart

  • sandisk micro sd card

    Photograph: Sandisk

    For More Space

    SanDisk 128 GB High-Speed MicroSD Card

    Don’t skimp on a good MicroSD card, either. Grab one with 128 GB of storage or more, so it lasts for a few years. You can still buy games on cartridges for the Switch, but some titles need extra storage, and indie games on Nintendo’s eShop are only available via download. Pop it in, forget about it, and download tons of games. Easy peasy. If you find one on sale, make sure it’s marked as Class 10 and at least XC 1.

    $20 at Amazon

    $25 at Best Buy

  • powerA joy con and pro controller charging station

    Photograph: Amazon

    For Easier Charging

    PowerA Joy Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock

    Out of the box, the only way you can charge your Joy-Con controllers is by sliding them back onto the Switch, and the Pro controller requires a USB-C cord. This durable dock from PowerA will charge them all at once. We’ve used PowerA chargers in the past, and they tend to work very well.

    $25 at Amazon

    $11 at Gamestop

  • headphones iphone and nintendo switch

    Photograph: SteelSeries

    For Online Voice Chat

    SteelSeries Arctis 3 (with Bluetooth)

    The SteelSeries Arctis are some of our favorite gaming headsets, and the Arctis 3 Bluetooth is the perfect match for Switch. It will also work corded, letting you connect directly to the Switch with a 3.5-mm headphone jack for games like Fortnite (or just for listening), and it has an optional Bluetooth connection that will work with your phone, which is needed to play games that use Nintendo’s smartphone chat app, like Splatoon 2, Super Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and online NES games.

    $100 at Best Buy

    $70 at Gamestop

  • SteelSeries Arctis headset with cords and dongles

    Photograph: SteelSeries

    For Wireless Audio

    SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

    If you don’t plan to use Nintendo’s phone-based chat app, the Arctis 1 Wireless (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a more flexible headset to buy, and one of our favorites. It connects with a wireless dongle and works with nearly any device that has a USB-C port. On top of that, it produces rich, atmospheric sound and works great with the Nintendo Switch.

    Just plug in the dongle—no need to fret about wires or Bluetooth pairing. It’s a seamless experience that makes the Arctis 1 a great travel companion, and it works with many other systems (and phones).

    $100 at Amazon

    $100 at Best Buy

  • Image may contain Silhouette

    Photograph: GuliKit

    For Plugging in Bluetooth Headphones

    Gulikit Bluetooth Adapter for Switch

    There are tons of Bluetooth adapters out there for the Switch and Switch Lite, but this one is a favorite. It has a thin profile, so it rests nice and snug against your Switch and doesn’t get in the way when you’re playing handheld. Bluetooth headphones are a natural companion for the Switch, and if you already have some you like, this adapter will let you use them while you’re exploring Hyrule and beyond.

    $28 at Amazon

  • Photograph: Bionik 

    For the Outdoors (Bag + Battery)

    Bionik Power Commuter Bag

    Thanks to Covid-19, it’s pretty hard to find things to do outside. Spending too much time inside though, it’s easy to get a little wilty like a light-starved houseplant. Sometimes walking to a park, putting on some headphones, and playing Breath of the Wild under a shady tree is the perfect thing to perk up my leaves, if only a little. The more lovely the game though, the more power it consumes. That’s where the Bionik Power Commuter bag comes in. It isn’t just a Switch carrying case; it comes with a 10,000-mAh battery (that’s two full charges for a standard-sized Switch) to keep your Switch (and other devices) topped up.

    $56 at Amazon

    $60 at Gamestop

    $56 at Newegg

  • switch cover stand

    Photograph: Orzly

    A Nice Cover and Stand

    Orzly Switch Screen Cover Stand

    This Switch Cover Stand isn’t flawless, but I’ve found it really handy for traveling. It’s kind of like a fabric phone or tablet cover, with some rigidity to it. The cover protects your screen and the core of the system if it’s in a bag, and it works much better than the built-in kickstand if you want to play it on a table (or airplane tray). My only issue is that it does move around a little from side to side, though not enough to cause problems.

    This case has protected my (Jeffrey’s) Switch screen for nearly two years now, and it still holds up.

    $12 at Amazon

  • switch hard case

    Photograph: Orzly

    For Extra Durability

    Orzly Protective Case (Handheld Only)

    If you use your Switch primarily in handheld mode, this Orzly hard case is a cheap and easy way to give it some durability and extra grip. It has a hard rubberized feel to it (TPU) and fits tightly over the Switch. It adds some drop protection and has a nice lip on the front that helps protect the screen upon impact. You cannot easily take the Joy-Cons off or dock the Switch with it on, but you can pull the case off without too much hassle.

    $15 at Amazon

  • This image may contain Human and Person

    Photograph: Amazon

    For Better Organization

    Orzly Carry Case

    Even with a screen protector, it’s just easier to put your Switch in a carrying case when you go on trips. This Orzly case comes highly rated and holds extra games, cables, and even controllers in one tidy package.

    $15 at Amazon

  • traveling case

    Photograph: RLSOCO

    For Better Mobility

    RLSOCO Carrying Case

    If you’re more of a TV player and need to bring the Switch Dock along with you to a friend’s house, this case will do the trick. It has enough room for your standard Joy-Cons, a Pro Controller, game cartridges, and extra peripherals.

    $37 at Amazon

  • This image may contain Electronics and Joystick

    Photograph: Amazon

    For Better Ergonomics

    FastSnail Grips Joy-Con Controller Handles

    Some games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe let you tilt each Joy-Con on its side and hold it like a traditional controller—a truly tiny controller. This accessory isn’t anything special, but it adds some size to each Joy-Con and makes the shoulder buttons far easier to press. It’s one of the best Switch accessory purchases I’ve made.

    $13 at Amazon

  • Photograph: PDP

    For More Comfort

    PDP Joy-Con Rubberized Grips

    If you tend to use your Switch on its own, without a TV, these rubber grips add traction and give your fingers a comfy perch. There are a lot of rubber grips from other makers, but we’ve used PDP’s, and they tend to stay put a lot better.

    $8 at Amazon

  • Image may contain Adapter

    Photograph: Ravpower

    For Continued Play

    RAVPower Portable USB-C Battery (Charge While Playing)

    This RAVPower USB-C battery can charge your Switch while you play it, which makes it a must-have. It puts out 30 W, using the USB Power Delivery standard that the Switch needs. The other USB ports on the RAVPower battery also let you top off phones, tablets, and other tech essentials.

    $60 at Amazon

  • Aukey portable battery

    Photograph: Aukey

    Another Good Battery Pack

    Aukey PD 10,000 mAh Power Bank

    Having a charger that’s so fast it can charge while you play is wonderful. But if you’re OK putting the Switch down for a few minutes to wait for a reasonably fast charge, this Aukey battery will do the trick. It can recharge a Switch from zero percent to full more than two times over before needing a top-up of its own.

    $30 at Amazon

  • This image may contain Electronics Mouse Hardware and Computer

    Photograph: Nintendo

    For Pro Gamers

    Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

    If you’re planning on kicking back and fully immersing yourself in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo’s first-party option is the best wireless controller you can buy. The Pro Controller is comfortable to hold for extended periods, and it reliably registers every tap. Pronounced face buttons and satisfyingly contoured grips make it a luxurious upgrade. It’s one of the most comfortable controllers we’ve used (on any console).

    $59 at Amazon

    $70 at Gamestop

    $70 at Best Buy

  • Image may contain Electronics Cooktop Indoors and Joystick

    Photograph: 8Bitdo

    For the Nostalgic

    8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller

    If you want every button on a Pro controller, but like the classic feel of the SNES pad, 8Bitdo’s SN30 is for you. It’s lightweight, with precise buttons and analog sticks that feel incredibly accurate. It even has motion control. The only snag is that it lacks NFC, so you cannot scan Amiibo figurines in supported games. On the plus side, it will pair with any Bluetooth-capable device, like your PC or smartphone.

    $45 at Amazon

    $45 at Best Buy

  • Image may contain Electronics

    Photograph: Nintendo

    For More Joy-Cons

    Nintendo Joy-Cons

    Extra Joy-Cons bring extra joy! Nintendo is known for its killer couch co-op games, and spare Joy-Cons will let you play four-player Mario Kart or ARMS at a moment’s notice. When it’s time to get off the sofa, these tiny detachable controllers are small enough to take with you. Included with each Joy-Con is a wrist strap, so you can flail away without worrying about your controller turning into a TV-shattering projectile.

    $80 at Amazon

    $80 at GameStop

    $80 at Best Buy

  • Nintendo Switch car headrest mount

    Photograph: TFY

    For Long Rides

    TFY Car Headrest Mount for Switch

    I have not tested this one myself, because I don’t own a car at the moment (city livin’), but it looks like it does the trick. It’s a pretty basic elastic, and the velcro strap holds the Switch. Just wrap the elastic around a car seat headrest—or a tray on an airplane if it fits—and slide off your Joy-Con controllers to fit the Switch display in the grips. Some owners report that a small tablet may fit as well.

    $19 at Amazon

  • This image may contain Screen Electronics Monitor Display and Computer

    Photograph: HORI

    For a Smarter Kickstand

    Hori Compact Playstand

    The Switch has a built-in kickstand, but it has a fatal flaw: You cannot charge your Switch while using it, because its charging port is on the bottom. This stand allowed us to play Pac-Man Vs., Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and other multiplayer games on vacation while keeping the Switch plugged in. It also elevates the console nicely, and the angle is adjustable.

    $13 at Amazon

    $16 at Walmart

  • Photograph: Nintendo

    Another Good Kickstand

    Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

    If you have a set spot (table) where you like to play your Switch, and that setup doesn’t include a television, you may want to pick up Nintendo’s Adjustable Charging Stand. It connects to the USB-C AC adapter that comes with your Switch (or the one listed in this guide) and will charge the system as you play. You can angle it however you like, and it’s stable enough that you can remove the Joy-Cons without hassle.

    $20 at Walmart

    $20 at Best Buy

    $20 at Target

  • Image may contain Electronics Computer and Hardware

    Photograph: Nintendo

    For the Second TV

    Nintendo Switch Dock Set

    If you have a second TV or location you want to play Switch on, consider buying an extra official Nintendo Switch TV Dock. It’s best to buy the real deal—there were reports of third-party docks bricking Switches, and it’s hard to know if any of them will be compatible with future firmware updates from Nintendo. It costs more, but it’s worth the peace of mind, not to mention the added convenience.

    $90 at Nintendo

  • car charger

    Photograph: Amazon

    For Charging on the Road

    PowerA Switch Car Charger

    If you’re on a road trip and need a top-up, sometimes there’s no option but a good cigarette-lighter charging adapter. Newer cars don’t even acknowledge that these ports used to be for cigarettes, but either way, this USB-C car charger should work great. It’s 6 feet long, so you can charge while in the backseat too.

    $10 at Amazon

    $10 at Walmart

  • Image may contain Electronics

    Photograph: Nintendo

    For Charging the Joy-Cons

    Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip

    The Switch always needs a recharge, and that’s why a good portion of this list is dedicated to batteries and cables. The Joy-Con controllers are a little easier on the juice, but if you regularly use them separately from your Switch, you will want to find a charging solution. You can pick up a Pro Controller/Joy-Con charger, plug your Joy-Cons back into your Switch for charging, or you can buy this alternative Joy-Con grip. It doesn’t have a battery, but it can plug in via USB to recharge your controllers while they’re docked in it.

    $30 at Amazon

    $30 at Gamestop

  • Image may contain Human and Person

    Photograph: Nintendo

    For Builders

    Nintendo Labo Cardboard Kits

    No, the Nintendo Labo is not technically an accessory, but it’s not a straight-up game, either. You basically build cardboard gadgets like Legos and then play with them. We love it, so we’re including it! The Labo Vehicle Kit is our favorite and comes with a steering wheel, pilot joystick, and a very fun game to play. The Labo Variety Kit comes with five cardboard accessories to build and is a fun beginner package. If you have kids, this is a great game/accessory to play with them.

    $45 at Amazon

    $50 at Gamestop

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The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

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